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(Also, I totes assumed Ozai died at the end of the series. But ... he didn't, did he? FAIL, SAMMY. This might neccessitate ... a REWATCH. With [personal profile] cothurnus, because we need a common fandom to fangirl about - aside from Death Note - and ATLA is totes awesomes.)

Okay, so, Ozai gets transported by the Fire Lord, alongside Azula, to a remote unpopulated Island somewhere in the Earth Kingdom as a high-security prison. (There's totally a scene before this where Zuko gets to humiliate Ozai with the ultimate I TOLD YOU SO.) There, Ozai essentially realises that he can no longer bend, his daughter is insane and volatile (but still has her powers! Totes unfair!~) and he's alllllllll alone. However, he still refuses to give up on his quest for world domination. In the rare times when he's let out of solitary to see Azula, he plays along with her insanity and convinces her that she is really the Fire Queen and he is her humble and most dedicated servant and, when they escape, she will rule the world with him at her side.

At least, I'm not sure where to go from there ... I haven't thought much about this fandom in a while! Tbh Ozai never really interested me as a character - he was too black and white stock cartoon villain for me.
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