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Would Zuko throw Azula and Ozai in together?

Oh, true. I was thinking that - no. Then again, it's entirely possible that they both be kept somewhere like that Eartbender prison, correct? The one with all the rocks?

And as for the job - oh, definitely. Even in a non-crack!fic sense, let's face it - none of the kids, even Zuko, has any idea about how to really run a country, particularly one as powerful and corrupt as the Fire Nation. I'd always had it as headcanon that Ozai had been grooming Azula to succeed him as his heir - particularly after Zuko's exile - and that Zuko had, as a consequence, never really been interested in learning about the art of government (I can totally see him as a scholarly/literary type ...). And although he has Iroh, Iroh was in Ba Sing Se after the death of Lu Ten, wasn't he? So, well isolated from the goings-on of Fire Nation politics. (I assume that even though he kept himself well informed of political goings-on, there's still going to be a huge difference between ruling as a Fire Nation prince in Ba Sing Se to in the actual Fire Nation.) And, again, Iroh wasn't Azulon's chosen successor, Ozai was. Sooooooo - Zuko might have to keep Ozai around, out of necessity, even though I can see him being too principled/stubborn/proud to actually do so. Ozai knows all the advisors, all the corruption, how to exact political promises and enforce his will ... because even though Zuko wants to rule fairly and wisely, that doesn't leave the fact that the Fire Nation is one in transition, and there are going to be a lot of pissed off people/nobles who got powerful under the Azulon/Ozai administrations who would not be very welcoming of Zuko.

I mean, think about it - the war went on for a hundred years, right? That's a hundred years of Fire Nation nobility growing powerful at the expense of everybody else. So I can actually see Ozai as being a very popular ruler, and Zuko - particularly after his exile and collaboration with the Avatar - as, well, not. So poor Zuzu is stuck between a rock and a hard place: the other nations would no doubt not trust the Fire Nation, and the Fire Nation itself probably doesn't trust him ... after all, I doubt your average peasant would want a ruler who wants to decentralise the state and make it less powerful for the sake of "elemental/international harmony" or what the fuck ever. And that could actually be a problem if he does have to keep Ozai around - what if Ozai becomes a focal point for disaffected Fire Nation ex-viziers/nobles who want to rebel or overthrow the new government? And how could Zuko imprison him in the palace if Ozai could escape or have help doing so?

In short, why are there no post-series fics about this???

Also, I don't know if I should watch Korra. I was quite excited for it - IT CONFIRMS ZUKO/MAI AS CANON, NYA NYA ZUTARA SHIPPERS - but I've heard Things about it that aren't necessarily Good Things that makes me a bit ... meh about the whole thing, I guess.

Also also, Call Me Maybe should CRASH AND BURN AND DIE A FIREY DEATH. (Haha, fiery, lol.) It's like ... the Twitard song. Idk, her actions just look as stalkerish and little-tween-girly as a Bella/Edward stan's, ykwim?
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