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Still, I think Zuko would keep Azula as far from Ozai as possible. He knows how much of an abusive father Ozai was, after all.

I doubt that would be the reason though, ykwim? I think we need to look at this in it's historical/cultural context: the Fire Nation is based on Imperical China, correct? So, Ozai is "IC" in the sense of the Emperor viewing his children more as pawns then human beings. Is he still cruel, sadistic, etc? Duh. But I think Zuko would be more worried that the two of them would conspire against him, than that Ozai might hurt his sister. I don't think Zuko actually loves Azula, or cares about her in a personal sense, especially following her betrayal of him.

And only Ozai knows exactly how the Fire Nation is built - after all, it's a totalitarian state, I don't really see Ozai making the government transparent or releasing a state budget for the year

And I can see there being massive debts, massive, because the whole war machine could only have been funded by a combination of state spending and literally bleeding the colonies dry. I doubt Ozai would have raised the taxes on the Fire Nation peasants, as that would have made both him and the war unpopular, and he needed to be popular in order to continue the war. And so, if Zuko has to raise taxes - and he can't tax the nobility, because he needs their approval more than ever - well, I can't see that ending well.

Mai could reasonably be expected to know about Fire Nation politics, though

Oh, definitely. But I wonder how much political power a woman, even the Empress, would have had?

Zuko, as a shiny new leader, a reformed exiled prince and so forth, would act as an ambassador and a diplomat, leaning heavily on his reputation as a Gaang-member to get people to trust him, and be the public face of the new Fire Nation

That might work outside the Fire Nation, but, again, would the Fire Nation really thank the Avatar? For making their state not the most powerful in the world?

and they'd probably start a court reform because Zuko would probably want the ruler to be affected by the law to prevent another Hundred Year War, and this reform stuck afterwards

That would come later, I think. In a time when he needs to cement his grasp of the throne, absolutism would be a massive help, surely?

Also, Iroh actually was Azulon's chosen - even after he lost his heir, Azulon still would've kept Iroh's position, and punished Ozai by ordering the death of Zuko, which on the other hand led to Ursa doing her murderin'. I assume they just faked the papers to show Ozai as being the leader, and the grief-stricken Iroh didn't just care enough to contest it.

Oh, gotcha. That makes sense. Though, if Azulon had really wanted to punish Ozai, he'd have ordered the death of Azula ;)

Zuko would probably go well with the average peasant - after all, he wants to reduce military spending (and thus taxes), stop conscription, and end the war. The workers would love him. I think he'd mostly have problems with the nobility, because some part of those taxes was ending up in their pockets, and now it's not. Also, the professional soldiers (but not the conscripts) would probably be dissatisfied with the end of the war - after all, they were respected and well-paid, and now they're facing possible unemployement and the loss of their high status and prestige. (I can see a lot of people from the lowest classes joining up because after all, a sergeant in the Army probably makes more in a year than a farmer in their entire life. And of course, everybody likes a soldier!)


I think the A:TLA comic thing kind of touches on this - it's got tension between the colonies and the mainland Fire Nation, at least, and Zuko does ask Ozai for advice at some point. (though that seemed like a fail!scene to me)

In any case, there's a second comic coming up. and... and... quote from tvtropes: "detailing Aang and Zuko's search for Zuko's Missing Mom while dealing with Azula being discharged from her insane asylum." I am excited. Do not fail me, creative team behind this comic.

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