aeneous: (on the cusp of a change)

a·e·ne·ous (adj.)

brassy or golden green in colour.

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Name:once more, with feeling
Birthdate:Dec 2, 1992
Location:London/Oxford, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
a·e·ne·ous (-n-s)
adj. Brassy or golden green in color.
[From Latin aneus, of bronze, from aes, bronze;]

aeneous is an aromantic asexual adolescent who is arduously attempting to attain an English Literature degree from an acclaimed academic institution in the south of England (which, aye, includes a lot of Anglo-Saxon alliteration).

Interests (121):

agnosticism, all the stories, anakin/padmé, ancient civilisations, ancient history, anglo-saxon literature, anxiety, asexuality, asexy fandom, asexy obi-wan, asexy sherlock, avatar: the last airbender, bach, baking cakes, bbc sherlock, beethoven, beowulf, bible studies, biblical studies, bipolar, books, cats, cats kittens and kittie, chai chocolate, chocolate, churches, classical music, coffee, comparative mythology, conan/ai, cooking, course ii, death note, debating, debussy, decent aus, detective conan, disagreeing with barthes, endangered languages, ends without means, english literature, equal rights, ethics, etymology, explosions in the sky, fairy tales, fandom, fanfiction, farsi, feminism, fictional people, french, god is an astronaut, han/leia, hand-writing, harry potter, human rights, icons, illuminated manuscripts, inclusion, introspection, japan, japanese, lady gaga, languages, learning, letting myself be insane, lifehouse, linguistics, linkin park, loling at the torygraph, longfic, looking out the window, luke skywalker, magic kaitou, manga, meaning, medieval literature, memes, mental health, mentally undressing pretentious people, meta, music, my chemical romance, mythology, nonviolence, ocd, old english, philosophy, photography, playing the cello, pokémon, politics, rain in the sun, ranting about luke/vader fic, reading, sherlock holmes, shinichi/shiho, singing, singing alto, slackitivsm, slytherin!harry, social justice, spanish, speaking foreign languages, spirituality, star wars, sucking at cake decorating, sucking at social interaction, the bartimaeus trilogy, the dark knight, the sims, thinking, thinking great thoughts i never write down, tl;dr, unitarian universalism, whining, whyyyyyyyyy??, writing, writing essays,
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